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Whether you have a large support system already in place or a small one,  there is always room for a doula. A trained birth professional is a comforting presence and valuable resource. Engaged in your story and able to answer your burning questions, a doula will help you achieve a healthy pregnancy and make the most informed choices for your labour and birth.

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Spilt Milk Doula services and pricing

1st time moms

Three prenatal meetings

After our first introduction, we will meet three times to frame your best direction for your upcoming birth. We will discuss topics such as your medical history, how you envision your birth, any anxieties or fears you may have, your partner’s role, hospital protocols, breastfeeding, parenting, and much more.

Early Labour plan

When we confirm labour has begun, I will help to support your early labour plan, and can come to meet you in your home as soon as you would like, or help support you on the phone if we planned to meet each other at the hospital.

Pain coping mechanisms

We will also use our time together before your labour to cover relaxation techniques, pain coping mechanisms, breathing exercises, labour positions, and other comfort measures for early labour, active labour and delivery.


Once together, I stay by your side. Doulas have no shift changes and no breaks aside from bathroom runs. Our continuous support is our secret weapon in ensuring you have an empowering experience. I am committed to the duration of your birth, whether it’s a short or long one.

email and phone support

A twinge in the night may or may not be something to get excited about – but let me put your mind at ease. You will receive continuous support throughout your pregnancy and 24/7 on-call availability beginning at 38 weeks. I will be available to you to you by email or phone to help you assess how things are changing and progressing. 

Post delivery

After you deliver, I stay with you for up to three hours after the birth to ensure you feel settled in. I can help you achieve that first latch, take some photos and continue to foster the environment you envisioned for your day. For six weeks after birth I will be available to you to pre book two included Postpartum support sessions.

2nd time moms

This package is designed for moms who have already given birth. It includes the features from the first time mom package. The only difference is we meet prenatally twice and one postpartum visit is included in the package.

$50/1.5 HR session

This period can be the ultimate test for confidence boosting or busting.   During the six weeks following the birth of your baby, expect two or three more in-home visits, where I help to assess how things are going. I am available to you continuously by email or phone support to answer any questions that pop up. Parenthood is full of big ups, and unfortunately, big downs, but having an  unbiased source of support who has journeyed with you throughout the experience is critical to your success.

what clients are saying

“Whitney was terrific in helping us through our first pregnancy. Her experience and personality helped us work through the many questions and concerns we had around our son’s delivery.  She did an excellent job of exploring our  personal concerns and addressing our preferences in a professional and knowledgeable manner.  She helped make us feel informed and comfortable with the decisions we were making.”

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