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Spilt Milk Doula is all about boosting confidence to achieve your best pregnancy, birth, and postpartum transition. Our approach is to actively support clients, readers and the birthing community through respect, honesty, knowledge and understanding. Birth is an intimate and powerful experience. We are honoured to share in your joy and ready to support you in all the unexpected bumps along the way.

The woman behind Spilt Milk Doula

Hello, I’m Whitney. 
Professional doula, 
mother, wife, entrepreneur,
Nova Scotian farmer
and straight shooter.

I live on the South Shore of Nova Scotia with my little family in a little trailer. For us, this is our perfect. My husband, three-year-old daughter, new baby and I share 50 beautiful acres of land with an equally crazy couple and their growing brood. It’s here that we raise our free ranging chickens, four cows, two boarded horses, two half-witted cats, our often naked toddlers and our dreams. 

There’s wood to stack, there’s a chicken coop to complete, there’s 600 square feet of crazy to clean including at least four loads of laundry and there’s a fresh bag of barbecue chips I’ve been hiding for six days in the back of the cupboard, for this one coveted morning to myself. Will it all get done in the next two hours? Hell no. But I know I’ll make a good dent in the chips. 


At 28, I didn’t necessarily see myself here, but honestly, I feel like the luckiest thing alive. My husband is a talented carpenter and musician, my two kids are really lovely (most of the time), and I’m able to dabble in my four-ish jobs which all accept the fact that I’m going to drop them the second you call me and let me know you’re in labour.

What makes it work is that we’ve got a support team. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends have all helped us  over the past four years with learning how to juggle parenthood and life. We’ve found our balance (sort of) of getting back to our own  interests, along with supporting our thriving kids. And, like, once every year, the hubby and I remember to go on a date. Point is, we couldn’t do this without our people.

Life is hectic and chaotic and at times, overwhelming. I remember all too well feeling those things most while pregnant, during birth, and postpartum. I don’t promise to know all the answers, because if you’ve read anything about me, I’m far from perfect. But along my way, I’ve been connected to an amazing network of inspirational mothers and support people, and am passionate about helping you find your own answers - and would be thrilled to be your person - just until you get back on your feet and are excited about doing your own dishes again.

Start your journey off on the right foot

what clients are saying

“From the first time we met her, we were excited that Whitney was our Doula. She was genuinely interested in us as people and our needs during pregnancy. It was immediately evident that Whitney was a gentle soul whom we could open up to and trust. We really appreciated that she could walk us through the process, not just from her experiences with others – but from her own experience as well. She was side by side with us for the whole process, helping us stick to our plan as much as possible in the heat of the moment, and making sure both of us were handling things well when our plan seemed to go awry. She always gave us just the right amount of support.”

DM & Allison