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Pregnancy, birth and parenthood are labours of love. We deal with many  situations where the proverbial milk ends up spilt. Despite bumps in the road, this is a very special time to embrace, enjoy and learn to always have a wipe and a support system handy. 

You want your birth to be an awesome experience

My name is Whitney Cruikshank and as a Doula it is my job to make that happen. Whether I am with you during your first pregnancy or your second, third or fifth, I make sure your first steps into motherhood are confident ones. My priorities are you, your preferences and your decisions.

Start your journey off on the right foot

what clients are saying

“My second labour was a wild, roller-coaster that lasted 45 minutes. Besides my husband, Whitney was the only one there as my baby was starting to crown and her presence calmed and reassured us both. We didn't plan to have an unassisted home birth, but Whitney ensured that we remained relaxed and collected until the midwife arrived. Afterwards, she continued taking such good care of me. Making sure I felt supported, suggesting solutions to the various postpartum discomforts, and reassuring me when breastfeeding was a challenge. Having Whitney as a doula was an essential part of bringing my beautiful baby into this world in a gentle and unafraid way.”

Kate & Al
Photo of newborn baby's feet swaddled in blanket